Systematic Literature Reviews and Manuscripts are complex

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  • Spending too many hours on Pubmed?
  • Taking weeks to triage & shortlist relevant publications?
  • Misplaced an article you spent hours highlighting?
  • Takes hours to focus on the crux of the shortlisted papers?
  • Looking for a semi-automated way to draft your manuscripts?

Voody can help you!

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Go from start to finish
like a breeze

We gently guide you through a machine assisted search, shortlisting results, authoring and review.

Tailored fit for sytematic literature reviews, disease summaries, primary manuscripts, rapid publications and related domains.

You focus on your work. We got your back.

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With you in the center
And our features around

Never in your way, yet never out of reach!

  • NLP assisted article shortlisting
  • Quick authoring
  • Section to source linking
  • Automated article gathering
  • Link cross-references to exact pages & paragraphs
  • Recommended text snippets for sub-sections
  • Automated reference tracking
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Mission Critical Features

To help you get the job done


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Deployment Options


data & infra on us

  • Lower costs
  • Rapid deployments and updates
  • Better suited for remote workforce
  • Automatic scaling
  • Custom URL and Logo
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Managed backups

On Premise

data & infra on you

  • Higher control over data
  • Deployments by your own IT team
  • Accessibility controlled by the customer IT policy
  • Access published documents without logging in
  • Vendor provided backup mechanisms
  • Minimum downtime guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

With smart interface with Medline Pubmed and machine assisted authoring, the use cases for Voody can be multifaceted for biopharma and medical device corporations. Our target beneficiary line functions are in medical affairs, medical informatics, medical & scientific writing, data curation teams, drug safety and so on…

Voody is a powerful, yet flexibile platform that allows for customization and extension. We're happy to work with you to fit it as to your needs.

Yes, writers and reviewers are in full control of entire process; right from building search strategy to article triage and selection, authoring and finalization. Voody accelerates and complements each of these stages levaraging the power of automation and machine learning.

Having worked with enterprises before, we believe the On-Premise option would be the best. It's easy to understand and gives fine grained control for your IT teams. After the infra has been provisioned, we take about 2 weeks to fully deploy the product.

Saas deployments are much faster, if you opt for them.

Absolutely. We enable you to add any PDF document relevant to your research in your context. Outside of a PubMed search, these might be articles you found on Google, articles you purchased, or your company's internal documents.

Voody uses various machine learning models including document understanding, natural language processing, recommendation systems, and generative models to aid the user at various levels in medical writing and scientific publications. When a model is trained or updated it's performance is evaluated against suitable metrics (optimizing and satisfying).

We partner with our client and offer to train the models with the client's data to improve the performance within pharma, biotech, and medical device domains. This has proven to accelerate clinical research and drug development at various multinational pharma companies.

Our current focus is to streamline the product for healthcare sector. If you have a use case in mind, we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities. Reach us over email:


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